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Sound Project "SIVA"

Sound Project "SIVA" 公式サイトへようこそ。

Sound Project "SIVA" は、北九州市の田舎でメガネショートカット巨乳党員の小澤 博が一人でこっそりとやっている、痛エフェクターブランドです。




Welcome to the effect pedal brand Sound Project "SIVA" official website.

My name is Ozawa Hiroshi.I live in Kitakyusyu-city Fukuoka prefecture Japan.The place I live is the countryside as I see a lot of birds than humans through the window.

I manage Sound Project SIVA and make all products.I am doing my best to get a good effect with the pedals. I believe that beautiful appearance is as important as good function.I am trying to make all products that you want to put your feet on even if you don't have the opportunity to use it.

Illustrations on the effect pedals are painted by various illustrators.Their works are masterpiece.Their works will vividly color your feet.

If there were no girls of that illustration, it would impossible to make a good sound such pedals.I hope everyone know this. Right??

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